Friday, April 2, 2010

Problem Problems

I know it’s been a while, but there is something that is bugging me after watching the Denver game last night. The difference between us and Denver right now? (You could arguably throw Utah in that mix too) Their top scorers get to their spots, and ours don’t. What I mean is, how many times did Aldridge get pushed so far off the block he ended up shooting a 19ft fadeaway? How many times did Brandon Roy get to the rim? How many times did Roy even get within 15 ft of the basket?

Now ask yourself, how many times did Melo get the ball on the wing or around the elbow where he likes to pull that quick jumper over his defender? Granted we did a good job of forcing him into turnovers and he didn’t get to the rim. But his mid-range jumper is pretty much his bread and butter. How many times did Nene catch the ball EXACTLY where he wanted to be, and where he is comfortable, on the block?

There-in lies the difference. And that’s why B Roy shot 3-13. He never got to his spots where he is at his best/most comfortable. Why not? Well because the Nuggets basically threw 2-3 defenders at him. Now any of you who have played basketball, even at the 8th grade level, know that when someone is double teamed, don’t stand in the corner jumping up and down asking for the ball. There is a good reason you are that open. Because it is near impossible to get you the ball! You need to cut, give your guy a lane to get you the ball! Instead I saw the Blazers WAY too many times stand in the corner, or run out to damn near half court to bail out Brandon. Let me ask you this, how easy is that to prep for if you are Denver? They have to be laughing to themselves, that Portland allows you to gamble, and send 2 defenders at Roy and Aldridge, and they never make you pay. I would double all the time too! All Portland does, is get doubled, pass it back out up top, maybe try to get it to the guy again, then force up a bad shot cause it’s late in the shot clock. Not going to win too many games like that.

I like Nate, but sometimes his offense is embarrassingly pedestrian and predictable. It is no coincidence that when it comes down to crunch time, and we need a bucket and the bad guys are digging their heels in, that we are going to try to iso Roy. Everyone in the league knows that. Why not throw them a curveball?!? What is the biggest advantage of being on offense as opposed to defense? It’s that the offense knows what they are going to do (or at least try to do), and the defense has no idea and is forced to react. We are giving that advantage away every single time we run an Iso play, or clear things out for Roy. And until we figure out a way for us to move past that, I just don’t see how we win anything bigger then 1 or 2 playoff series.