Thursday, December 25, 2008

Rudy in the Dunk Contest?

First off lets talk about the Dunk Contest in general this year. The cast is strong with defending champ Dwight Howard, and repeat contestants in Nate Robinson and Rudy Gay. For the fourth member of the Dunk Contest the NBA is trying something new this year and allowing the

fans choose to the fourth dunker. However they have picked the three candidates to select from, which brings me to why I am writing this piece. The candidates are Russell Westbrook (OKC Thunder), Joe Alexander (MIL Bucks), and our very own Rudy Fernandez (POR T’Blazers)!

So let me take this opportunity to tell you to go to and vote for Rudy so we can see him in the dunk competition! (Click Here To Vote For Rudy!).

Now I would love to see Rudy in the dunk contest, however lets talk about some other Blazers who could have gotten the nod. First off, B-Roy. Although Roy rarely dunks unless he really needs to, don’t let that fool you, he can flat out get up. He would be my number one choice to see in the dunk contest, although a close number two would be Jerryd Bayless. Bayless is only 6-3 and for those of you who attended the inner-squad scrimmage at the beginning of the year, well, you know what he can do. For those of you who did not, will have to take it from me that he can dunk with the best of them. Durring warm ups B-Roy and Bayless treated the fans to 360’s, windmills, and some nice lobs off the back board. Now I don’t want to sound like I am too down on Rudy, cause I know he is freakishly athletic and I am still definitely going to vote for him, I just wanted to throw out some other players that would be fun to watch.

And to end things here is a look at what rudy can do:

Rudy mix tape intenartional ball

Rudy dunking on D-Howard

Here is a look at the competition:

Rudy Gay's top 10 dunks

D-Howard's top 10 dunks

Nate Robinson's top 10 dunks

-goose out

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  1. Goosen.....Yep Rudys got some springs and great finesse on finishing with da slam, but alot of great talent out there, in other words I think he would be better dunkin' donuts rather than flying with the big boys in this contest. Blazers gonna have their hands full as they take the hardwood this Monday, three reasons: 1. Garnett, 2. Allen, 3. Pierce Hold on. Jim