Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Podcast & Houston Preview


Hey, I finally got our second podcast up. Check it out under previous post “Podcast Baby!” Trust me, it’s really, really good.

Game Preview

Many have billed tonight’s game against the Rockets as a “must win” or “the biggest game of the year”. While I agree that it is important, I don’t think it is the end all be all. The Blazers go into tonight’s game against the Rockets with a half game lead for 4th place in the west (home court advantage). So a win could be a huge coup for a team who is trying to make the playoffs for the first time in 5 years. Many people think that Portland is going to be a one and done team in the playoffs, but I strongly contend that if we can gain home court advantage we could do some real damage. The Blazers are significantly better at home and are just ok on the road (3 games below .500).

The Rockets are without Tracy McGrady who announced yesterday that he will be undergoing the dreaded microfracture surgery today to repair his bum wheel. However, a lot of people think that Houston is better without a half dead McGrady on the floor. I agree somewhat, but you can’t tell me that you would rather play Aaron Brooks over Tracy McGrady. He might have been bad this year, but I’d rather have T-Mac anyday. It will be a tough matchup for Roy tonight, as Ron Artest is starting at the 2 guard opposite of Roy. Roy has had difficulties in the past with Artest, and it will be interesting to see how Brandon plays tonight with a little more experience under his belt. It seems as though someone besides Roy and Aldridge will have to step up for us tonight, and it will be interesting to see if anyone rises to the occasion.

Greg Oden is out again, and likely out for tomorrows game against San Antonio as well. This is a tough break, because with Przy starting, it doesn’t leave us with many options to go against Yao and Duncan if Przy gets in early foul trouble. We would either have to go with Channing Frye or Aldridge.

Keys To the Game:

  1. Przy Must Stay Out of Foul Trouble
    1. We need him in the game to go against Yao, and also we can’t afford to send Yao to the free throw line where he is an 88% foul shooter.
  2. Not Back Down Against Houston’s Physical Play
    1. Artest, Battier, and Scola are all physical players who will push our guys around. We cannot fold under that pressure and must play our game not theirs.
  3. Win the Rebound Battle
    1. We need to out rebound Houston. Their entire team crashes the boards hard so we need to make sure and get a body on someone and not just turn and watch the ball being shot.
  4. Treat This Like A Playoff Game
    1. This game will have a playoff atmosphere to it, so we need to bring it tonight. No time to start slow, we need to get going right out of the gate.

Gambler’s Corner

Blazers +4.5

Over/Under 190

I am taking the Blazers and the Under. I think that they will keep it close if not win, and both teams are going to slow it down and play a half court game.


  1. Blazers and over. Nice point about how much it hurts to be missing Oden right now, the combo of him and Pryz would be really nice to have against Duncan and Yao. If pryz picks a couple of quick fouls it could be really tough defensively to put a stop to Yao or Duncan.

  2. Ok, really like the trend of funny pictures...nice work...and i like the outline style of keys to the game....holla!

  3. Thanks Spelltown, if you like the funny pics then def check out the Minnesota preview....."Uh-oh; Bangout"