Monday, March 2, 2009

Spurs Recap

Last night’s deflowering of the Spurs might have been Portland’s most impressive win of the year. That’s not to take anything away from Roy’s miracle 3 with 0.8 left to help us beat Houston in OT, or our home win versus Boston, but I think it was the best win of the year. It was easily our most complete game offensively and defensively all year. On offense, we introduced a running attack that we have not seen sans the Clippers game two weeks ago. Could this be a new wrinkle to a team that already boasts the 2nd most efficient offense in the league? It’s kind of scary to think about. But enough about offense, what really impressed me was the defensive effort put forth. The Blazers played great D for all 48 minutes, which allowed them to get out and run and get easy baskets. That is why you hear a lot of basketball coaches say defense starts your offense. Well that is exactly what happened last night. If this Blazer team could put that kind of effort together for an entire playoff series, we could maybe see them in the 2nd round sooner then you think.

What else impresses me about this game was the realization of how good this team could be. I mean we can be scary good. We have the YOUNGEST PLAYING ROTATION IN THE NBA and they just shellacked the Spurs and handed them their worst loss of the year. What’s also a note, is we are not talking about the November, we are just warming up Spurs. We are talking the, Let’s rev things up for the playoffs Spurs. All I know is that I would be nervous if I was any other Western Conference GM right now.

Individual Performances

Brandon Roy – Roy led the charge early, and had an amazing 26 points in 27 minutes. He shot 11-17 from the field and basically did whatever he wanted in the first quarter. The last two games Roy has only averaged 29 minutes per game. Nice to see him get some rest during this crucial part of the season.

LaMarcus Aldridge – LA was a beast tonight. I have mentioned this a few times while watching games, but never published it. Can you imagine how good LA would be on a running team like the Suns, Warriors, or Knicks? The guy consistently beats his guy down the court, and even opposing guards sometimes. I am convinced if he was on the Knicks this year, he would have been an all-star. Back to this game, LA ended with 26 points (10-14 FG), 7 boards, 4 assists, and 3 steals. GREAT game for Aldridge.

Steve Blake – It was nice that Blake was able to find his shot after going 0-9 against San Antonio last week. Blake ended with 15 points and was 3-3 from beyond the long line. He also threw 6 dimes and only had to play 30 minutes.

Joel Przybilla – Przy played great D on Tim Duncan and set the tone early for the Blazers on defense. It is always hard to measure the effectiveness of guys like Joel, and tonight was another one of those nights. He still ended with 10 boards and 2 blocks though.

Travis Outlaw – Troutlaw could not get his shot going, but luckily we didn’t need it tonight. He was 1-6 from the field and ended with 5 points. It was nice to see him end with 6 boards though.

Rudy Fernandez – Rudy continued his inconsistency with a 2-10 outing on Sunday. I wish he would get to the rim more and get himself some easy shots so he can get in a rhythm before chucking up 7 three pointers, but who am I to second guess Rude?

Channing Frye – Frye continued his streak of solid play and ended with 12 points and 4 boards on 5-6 shooting. I commend Channing for being ready despite being banished to the end of the bench for the last few months. It can’t be easy staying mentally prepared in a situation like that.

Sergio/Bayless – Not much action from these two guys. They combined for 5 points and 4 assists in 18 minutes of playing time.

Nicolas Batum – Batum played another solid game, and easily had the play of the game when he posterized Matt Bonner with a baseline tomahawk jam. It was sick, if you didn’t see it you might want to try to you tube it.

Game Summary in One Sentence – Arguably the most impressive win of the year, but lets not get fat and happy.

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