Thursday, December 11, 2008

Blazers Vs. Jazz Preview

First of all I want to give a shoutout to all you guys for taking time to read my blog and give feed back. I have been taking notes on what you hate and I am going to try my hardest to improve on your complaints (except Buhler’s). I really wanted to get back to the point guard conversation for my post today, but I will save that for a non-gameday. On gameday’s I want to try and post a preview/keys to the game, along with some info in case you like to gamble on the Blazers, which I do. Enjoy, and as always let me know if something is lame, or if truly enjoy something. Thanks!

Tonight’s game vs. the Jazz might be an even better/more realistic measuring stick for the Blazers then the Celtics game. Utah, is the team we will be competing with for the division championship in the foreseeable future, so I think it is important to come out and be competitive. It will be interesting to see how the young Blazers rebound after such a tough emotional loss to the Magic on Tuesday. If you read any articles about the Blazers after the game (which I do, so I can bring the info to you!), you know they were extremely down after that loss. Hopefully we can come out with good energy because the Jazz are an extremely tough team to beat at home, as indicated by their 4 home losses last season, along with their victory over the Blazers earlier this year without Deron Williams or Andrea Kirilenko. Good news is Carlos Boozer will not return tonight as expected, so that bodes well for the Blazers. So what do the Blazers need to do to win? Here are a few keys I think they need to come out of Salt Lake with a dub.

Keys to the Game

1. Contain Deron Williams dribble penetration. When he gets in the lane it not only opens up shots for him, but that’s how he gets a majority of his 10.2 assists per game.

2. Contain Okur’s 3 point shooting. We cannot let our bigs camp out in the middle and let Okur cast away.

3. Take advantage of our size advantage. Wouldn’t this be a great game for Oden to breakout? The Jazz do not have anyone even close to being able to hang with Oden physically. But more then Oden, L.A. should thrive with a shorter defender in Milsap checking him.

4. Our bench needs to contribute big time. I see this as the area where we will make up ground on the Jazz. However AK47 has been moved to the second unit, so containing him is a must (Batum?).

5. Execute and keep turnovers low. I am not saying we have to play perfect, but we definitely have to bring our “A” game if we expect to win tonight in Utah.

6. Score +100 points. The Blazers are 9-2 when scoring over a 100 and the Jazz are 1-7 when allowing over a 100.

Please feel free to leave additional comments on the keys to the game tonight! I like hearing everyone else’s thoughts and views!

I figured since I love to gamble on the Blazers, I would give you my thoughts on the spread for that night, how I am going to bet, and the reasoning behind it. I know some people will enjoy this (Fox), and hopefully I can get more of you to start another bad habit, so I don’t feel so bad about myself. Enjoy.

Gambler’s Corner

The spread right now is Jazz by 2.5 and the over/under is 194. If I was a betting man (and I definitely am), I would steer clear of this bet, because I will never bet against my heart (the Blazers). But if you were going to bet no matter what, and if you are reading this blog you obviously think the Blazers will win, I would take the Blazers with the over, because in games where the Blazers score over 100 points they are 9-2 and only 6-5 when they score under 100. To boot (yea I said it) the Jazz are 1-7 when allowing over 100 points.

P.S. – I talked myself into taking this bet after I wrote this section….oooops.


  1. Blazers 97 Jazz 92 I like the blazers chances against a still recuperating D will and bozzer-less jazz team despite their amazing home record.

  2. I like the Blazers tonight for two reasons. 1. After a heart-breaking home loss on Tuesday they are out for blood. 2. They are rocking the red jerseys tonight! Kyrro, I would like to know our winning percentage when wearing the Rip CIty Red!