Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Celtics Preview

**Breaking News**

Brandon Roy is not going to play tonight due to a pulled hamstring

There are not many teams in the NBA that I would be ok with the Blazers losing to. But Boston happens to be one of those teams. Now by lose, I don’t mean the massacre that occurred in Boston, but a closely contested game in which the Blazers had a legitimate chance of winning. That is all I am looking for tonight vs. the Celts. I want to see the Blazers stand up and not get punked by Garnett and Co.

There are a few factors that are working in our favor (depending on how big of an optimist you are). First, the Celtics showed they are not bullet proof by dropping back to back games against the Lakers and the Warriors. However, they came back on Saturday to wipe the floor with Sacramento, but hey we have wiped the floor with them too! Also, this is the last game in a 4 game west coast road trip for the Celtics, so maybe we will catch them dreaming of heading back to Boston and their own houses and snatch a win tonight.

On the injury front Brandon Roy and Greg Oden have been checked out and should be ready to go tonight. Oden tweaked an ankle, but the X-rays came back negative. Roy had a slight pull in hamstring on Saturday, but still should be a go for tonight. Kendrick Perkins is listed as day to day with a shoulder injury, but all indications are that he will play tonight. With no team holding a sizeable advantage in the injury department, let’s see what I think the Blazers will have to do to get a win.

Keys to the Game

  1. Everyone Must Contribute Offensively.
    1. The Celtics are arguably the best defensive team in the NBA. They are apat at shutting down the other teams best player(s). So tonight we must have a balanced attack on offense, not just sit back and watch Brandon try to do it all on his own, because it won’t happen.
  2. We Must Rebound (Especially Defensively)
    1. The Celtics are too stingy on D, to allow them extra possessions on offense. We must get a body on guys rather then relying on our athleticism to secure rebounds.
  3. We Must Dictate the Pace and Tone of the Game.
    1. This is where KG shines. With his smack talk and aggressive play, he sets the tone for the Celtics to intimidate and “overpower” their opponents. We must not let this happen. Stand up and hit them first and get them on their heels rather then vice versa.
  4. Stop Rondo’s Dribble Penetration
    1. Rondo is adept at getting into the lane and creating for others. With shooters like Allen, Pierce, and Eddie House on the parameter we must keep Rondo out of the key.
  5. Play With Pride
    1. We must not let the Celtics humble us to the point that we cannot perform. I think once we figure out that they are just as beatable as anyone else the in league, we will be able to compete with them on a regular basis (just the Atlanta Hawks have managed to do).

Gambler’s Corner

The spread for this game is Boston by 5 and O/U of 184.5. I am going to go with Boston, because although it would be great to see us win or even keep it close, I just don’t see it happening with our inconsistent play lately. Not to mention the fact that we have been relying so heavily on Roy. If Roy is shutdown, our guys panic rather then thrive. Also I am going to take the under, because I think it is going to be a slow paced game.

Goose has no original thoughts, so he is also taking the Celtics and the Under.

So Far…

Kyle vs. Spread 2-2

Goose vs. Spread 2-2

Kyle vs. O/U 1-3

Goose vs. O/U 3-1

Yost won the score prediction again as he guessed 108-97 Blazers, with the actual being 102-94 Dallas. Yost now has 2 wins, and no one else has any….Step your game up!


  1. 94-89 Blazers, Im being pretty optimistic. I really want to see the Blazers pull of the victory tonight. I am not a big fan of the Celts because of my recent disliking of Kevin and friends. Even though it will be a stretch I would love to see a win tonight. It would just be awesome to see LA hava big game and shut down Garnett and score at will against him. Maybe it will shut his big mouth and stop his chest poundings for awhile.

  2. D, I love the optimism! If LA doesn't dominate KG, I hope that Pryz catches him with a bow to the jaw. Pryz for Prez!