Tuesday, December 16, 2008

King Me!

Finally! The win we have been waiting for! Is it me or has it seemed like forever since our last blowout win? It was good to see the Blazers finally play some D and also play with some energy. Brandon Roy was amazing again tonight, scoring 29 points, and silencing any critics who said he would most likely struggle with his shot (15-15 from the line). Brandon also contributed 5 assists and 4 steals. Ghostface Przybilla dominated the boards tonight with 14 in just 22 minutes. Aldridge contributed with 15 points and 10 boards. The Blazer struggled with the Kings in the first quarter, but after that the Blazer’s locked up the D, and it wasn’t close from then on.  

For my loyal followers, I am sure you noticed that the Blazers did a steallar job of executing all my keys to the game. Miller, Hawes, and Miller’s Butt Cutt were held to just 12 points and 3-12 from the field.  After what the Blazer's did to Hawes and the Kings, Hawes might be walking like that for a while (see picture to upper right).  Roy scored under 30 points, the Blazers only gave up 77 points, and we wore the Kings down in the 2nd quarter by pushing the pace. I think it is obvious to me and all 10,938 people who read this blog, that Nate McMillen now reads my Blog and implements it into his game plan. I am guessing the only reason he hasn’t stepped forward and asked me to join the staff, is because why would he pay for a service he receives for free and gets all the credit for? It’s ok Nate, I like playing the under dog role.  

Individual Performances

Brandon Roy: Roy continues his streak of amazing games. Tonight it seemed like he was able to do whatever he wanted. He did an anazming job of getting to the line and converting. He set the tone early, and did not let up. 

LaMarcus Aldridge: Aldridge played solid tonight, he scored 15 points and had 10 boards with 2 blocks. Bad news is he was only 6-20 from the field. For some reason Aldridge had difficulty being physical with Hawes and Miller, two notoriously soft big men. 

Joel Przybilla: Like I stated earlier Przy dominated the boards. He also had 7 points and 3 blocks. Przy was a big reason Miller and Hawes were held to just 12 points. He did a phenomianl job of getting a hand up and getting out on those big men, and then getting back to rebound.

Greg Oden: Greg looked good on the boards tonight, but foul trouble combined with Przy’s excellent play, held Greg to just 21 minutes. But he still managed 10 boards and 8 points. Greg had an emphatic dunk where he rose between Mikki Moore and Spencer Hawes. It was good to see him be aggressive.

Rudy Fernandez: Rudy played with what seemed like some extra energy tonight, which was good to see because so much of his game is based on energy. Rudy ended with 12 points on 5-9 shooting.

Nicholas Batum: It looks as if Batum is starting to break out of his December scoring slump. Batum had 12 points tonight on 4-9 from the field.

Game Summary in One Sentence:

The Blazers wore down the Kings with solid defense and phenomenal rebounding, for a dominant win at home.

Again, this was great to see and everything I hoped/envisioned this game would be. This is some great momentum to take into our game vs. Phoenix on Thursday, as we have already lost twice to them in Phoenix this year. Let’s protect our home court.



  1. did the blog get hacked? what is this above me? Thanks for the update. I wish I got the channel that shows the blazer games up here in Seattle. A blow out win is nice. Kyle, I was wondering if we could have a blog dedicated the greatest Asian player that ever played for the Portland Trail Blazers.......Ha Seung Jin. He alone would of won those last three games we lost. Lets be honest, the reason we let him go is because we knew in a couple of years we wouldn't be able to handle his contract.

  2. Haha good call! I will see what I can dig up on him! Great suggestion Yost!