Thursday, December 18, 2008

Suns Game Preview

Ahh, the Phoenix Suns. A team that is fighting their true identity and trying to keep in the running for a championship. They have an awkward combination of Shaq and Nash, two completely different system guys. It seems so far this season they have been doing decent, but anyone who reads NBA news knows that Nash for one is not happy with their system. Amare has complained about not being “The Man” already. The team is definitely in dissention, but they are still talented enough to beat a majority of NBA teams (including Portland twice in Phoenix). It will not be an easy game tonight by any stretch of the imagination, but it can’t hurt that the Blazers are coming off their 3rd +30 point victory of the season, which is the most by any team so far this season. I’ll keep this short and sweet, here are the keys to the game:

  1. Stop Shaq
    1. Last game, the Diesel came out to prove that he was still the Shogun of big men in the NBA against Oden. Oden played very poorly and was in foul trouble the entire game, as Shaq dropped 19 and 17 on us. If we can limit Shaq this game and hold him under wraps, it would go a long way in securing a Blazers win.
  2. WE Need to Dictate the Pace, Not Them
    1. We cannot let Phoenix dictate the pace of this game. Nash is going to try to push the pace and get some easy looks and baskets. We need to slow down the tempo of the game by taking good shots, rebounding, and getting back on D.
  3. We Cannot Trade Baskets With Them
    1. In the previous two meetings this year, the Blazers found themselves down late in the games, and tried to make a run. However, we could not stop the Suns on offense. We seemed to just be trading baskets with them, and if you begin to do that with this team, it will almost always result in a loss.
  4. Win the Rebounding Battle
    1. In both losses we have been out rebounded by Phoenix. The Blazers have come to rely heavily on their superb rebounding this season, and it becomes even more important in a game where the other team is trying to push the pace.

Let’s hope that the Blazers get their touch back from 3 tonight, because we are going to need everything we can get.

Gambler’s Corner

The line on the game is Blazers by 4.5 and O/U at 203. I believe it is going to be a very close game, and look for Portland to control the tempo better at home. I am going with Phoenix and take the points along with the under. Now this doesn’t mean I think Phoenix is going to win, but I think it’s going to be closer then 4.5 points.

Goose is going with the Phoenix and the Over.

So Far…

Kyle vs. Spread 1-1

Goose vs. Spread 1-1

Kyle vs. O/U 1-1

Goose vs. O/U 1-1



  1. Blazers victory 106-101. Chalupas for everyone. You guys get snow today? Did not go into the office......played hookey. They actually closed early and already canceled tomorrow. Got 3-4 inches of snow today.

  2. I believe the key to this game is stopping amare. He's been averaging about 22 points and 9 rebounds. If he's contained, i believe it's going to be a hard night for the suns. That means we need a big night from LA

  3. I predict Phoenix 103 - Blazer 97.

    Just kiddint I wouldnt do that...

    Blazers 105 - Suns 98

    So far the blazers are playing well. I like the play of Oden. It seems that is how he should really fit into the system. Look for dump offs from Blake, and post moves close to the basket. So far we need to do a better job of doubling Shaq.