Thursday, February 19, 2009

Trade Deadline


Just got word from a Bucks source that the team is highly unlikely to do a deal involving Richard Jefferson or anyone else on the roster.

"We're going to stand pat, I think" the source told me.

The Bucks had discussed several Jefferson trade scenarios with the Blazers and Cavs, but talks cooled this morning and haven't picked up with just under 20 minutes to go before the trade deadline.

Hey guys, we are about 45 mins away from the trade deadline, and no deals for Portland yet. This is what I have found so far. Check back today for updates.

Henry Abbott, TrueHoop: A plugged-in source just told me that the Blazers are done, and will not be making any moves before the deadline.

Of course, a great offer at the last minute could change that, but that's considered unlikely.
What's this about? All that talk and no big move?

Part of this, I think, is that they have been driving a hard bargain. Another part of is that they are in a position to use Raef LaFrentz's cap room this summer, plus their new trade exception, when the market will be depressed thanks to the economy. Portland will likely be able to make either a lopsided trade or a free-agent signing.

Another part of it is that I'm convinced Portland gets into some trade talks as pure intelligence gathering.

By negotiating with the Nets about Vince Carter, the Bucks about Richard Jefferson, the Bulls about Luol Deng, the Kings about John Salmons, the Bobcats about Gerald Wallace -- and a zillion other such talks -- the Blazers get real insight into what everybody really wants. They get to fill in the blanks about the 29 other team strategies. It's like seeing the other team's playbook.

Chad Ford: A Blazers source says the Blazers are now leaning strongly toward not making a major trade before the deadline. They have been in talks with the Nets, Bucks and Bobcats for days, but as of 11:30 a.m. they say nothing is hot.

Says one Blazers source, "I don't see a deal. We like our players long-term. We don't want to mess with our chemistry."

The Blazers have looked at everyone from Gerald Wallace to Richard Jefferson to Vince Carter. But up until now, they haven't been able to come to a deal they're willing to do. They've wanted draft picks from the Bucks and Nets and have been unwilling to take back Nazr Mohammed in a deal with the Bobcats.

However, don't close the door completely. When pressed, the source conceded that if they got a better offer in the next few hours, it was still possible that they could make a deal.

And a counter from Ben at Blazers Edge:

With roughly 2 hours to go, Dwight Jaynes just tweeted (@dwightjaynes) that he thinks the statements coming from Henry, Chad and John Canzano could simply be a "negotiating posture" in the run-up to a deal. Makes sense, and it's curious that all 3 writers reported very similar information (Raef staying and the team pursuing options in the offseason) in short order. Either KP or TP took a break to return some messages or they were looking to actively put the word out.


  1. Yeah, not much time left. Wonder if anything is going to come across. I heard that the Bucks and Nets were beefing up their negotiations as of this morning. Bucks wanted to ship out Jefferson and Sessions for Raef, Outlaw and Rudy. Nets wanted Raef, Outlaw and I believe Sergio for Vince and a first round from GS in 2011. Both I think are better trades than the original, but I still dont think we should be going after them. From what it sounds like Raef is just too valuable to let go for a mediocure trade. I do favor the Bucks trade, but getting rid of Rudy would be hard to swallow, and no one is sure if sessions is finally stepping up his game or he is just on a hot streak. He is young and talented though. Jefferson would had some fire power to the team in the short run as well. Too bad the bucks didnt want Sergio, other wise I would want the Blazers to jump on the trade. It seems like a short-term fix (Jefferson) and a long-term fix at PG (Sessions).

    As for PodCasting I have a topic that I think would be quite interesting. What about best basketball commercials of all time. Also, I remember seeing this MJ commercial as a one ever. I cant find it! I remember seeing it a couple times, but it is my life goal to see it again. Maybe Fire and Rice can help!

    The commercial is set in Chi-town and its at night. There is music playing, I believe Phil Collins 'In the air tonight' and it cuts in between Jordan doing his signature dunk at night on a playground hoop and different settings/siloutes of the city. I cant find it anywhere and loved it. Maybe you guys can talk about it, or find it for me...THANKS!

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