Monday, February 16, 2009

Trade Update, All-Star Weekend, & Misc. News

Trade Update

There is not much new on the trade front. The same names are popping up over and over again. There are talks of a deal with Milwaukie for Richard Jefferson and Luke Ridnour for Reaf, Sergio, and Outlaw. I am not too wild about this one, with the idea that we are giving up all of our financial flexibility just for Jefferson. While he is good, I am just not so sure he is the best we could get in this buyer’s market. If we use Raef’s contract I think we should really make a splash and get the ideal fit for us, otherwise just wait for it to expire and go into summer with 8 mil in cap space to wheel and deal.

Another rumor floating around was a deal for John Salmons, but this time for Channing Frye and possibly Sergio Rodriguez. This is somewhat appealing to me, but it does make me nervous thrusting Bayless into the fulltime backup PG position. But it would definitely be a vote of confidence in his direction. If we could get Salmons for just Frye and Sergio, then I say you have to pull the trigger, I am just not sure if they will give him up for that little.

All-Star Stuff

Well, Brandon Roy did it again. He had a great all-star game and ended with 14 points (7-8 FG), 5 boards, and 5 assists and 0 turnovers in 31 minutes. Roy was easily the most efficient player in the game, and a few writers acknowledged it. J.A. Adande gave Roy a B+ for his efforts on Sunday, along with’s Chris Mannix who wrote:
Typical Roy. He's the West's most efficient perimeter player and half the crowd didn't realize he was on the floor. Some day, when the Bryants and Shaqs are retired, Roy is going to get some much-deserved recognition. I think.

Unfortunately Rudy was not so lucky. I personally thought he got hosed by the judges when the decided before the thing even started that there was no way Rudy was going to win. I thought his first dunk was the most creative out of the entire group, but he still managed to get the lowest score? You can’t tell me that his behind the back, off the backboard dunk was worse then Nate Robinson jumping off of Wilson Chandler’s back (and by the way missing the first one). But yet, Nate’s got a better score. Ah well, I guess it’s all fun and games.

Misc. News

News broke that Oden suffered a chipped bone in his knee after colliding with Corey Maggette on Thursday night before the Rookie game. He is listed as day to day and it is unclear if he will be able to go for Wednesday’s nights game versus the Memphis Grizzles.

John Canzano actually wrote an article that I agree with.

With 3 days left before the trade deadline, I am sure rumors are going to start getting hot and heavy and I am excited to see which team makes a move next. Hold on, and I’ll keep you updated as soon as I hear anything!


  1. Nice work, i like this blog. Also, i hate the jefferson deal. for all the reasons you mentioned, and he is a bit older...

  2. Yea, agreed. Jefferson is a nice player, but the "one" that is going to put us over the top. I think a bargaining advantage we have on our side is time. We don't have to make an amazing move, because we are so young and so early in our development. Blazer's have all the leverage.