Monday, March 16, 2009

Grizzles Preview

Just wanted to point out if you want a Hawks recap, check the side bar, and also I wanted to show you guys a pic of Martell Webster’s new shoes. How sweet are those?

Grizzles Preview

All of a sudden this Memphis game has become a lot more important. After a loss yesterday at Atlanta, the Blazers roll into Memphis and face their only opponent on this 5 game road trip that is below .500 at home. Basically we NEED this win tonight, and if any of you remember our game against Memphis in Portland, you will know that this will not necessarily be an easy task.

Good news for the Blazers is Memphis is also coming off a back to back from out of town. They won at Detriot yesterday, so hopefully they do not carry any of that momentum into tonight’s game. I think we will be able to tell what kind of game it is going to be tonight by the first 5 minutes of the game. If the Blazers come out and go up big early, Memphis will be ok with rolling over. If we allow them to hang around then it will be a tough one to win. So let’s hope the Blazers come out, guns a blazin’.

Keys to the Game

  1. The First 5 Minutes
    1. We need to establish our dominance early over this inferior team, and put them in their place.
  2. Do Not Dwell on Last Night’s Game
    1. We cannot sit around and think about our loss last night. We need to have goldfish memory tonight (shoutout to Snapple caps).
  3. Someone Else Besides Roy and Aldridge Needs to Step Up.
    1. Pretty self explanatory.

Gambler’s Corner

Portland -6

Over/Under 188

I am going to take Portland, and over. I think the Blazers realize the important of this game and will come out aggressive against Memphis’ broke defense, and score early and often.

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