Friday, April 10, 2009

Lakers Preview

Huge game tonight versus the Lakers, it will take a near perfect game to take out the Lakers who are also playing for playoff seeding (for the finals, not the western conference). I think we can do it, and does Vegas, who put us as a 1.5 point favorite.

The national media is sure hopping on board the Blazer train, here is what ESPN's John Hollinger had to say about the Blazers:

But most of all, I want to see this matchup because I'm increasingly thinking that the Blazers are the one team who can make L.A. sweat in the postseason. Denver hasn't matched up with the Lakers well the past two seasons, and some of the other teams we expected to contend haven't quite lived up to expectations.

But the Blazers have played reasonably well against the Lakers in recent matchups, are healthy entering the postseason, and have the strongest Power Ranking of any Western Conference foe. We may be getting a preview of the conference finals tonight, and if not, we're getting a look at what could be a very competitive and testy second-round fight.
Also from Hollinger, a calculated odds of who the Blazers will play in the first two rounds:

Portland's likely opponents

Round 1OddsRound 2Odds
New Orleans30.3L.A. Lakers47.7
San Antonio18.4Utah12.6
Dallas8.8New Orleans3.0
Denver2.4San Antonio2.9


What do you guys think? Who would you rather play assuming we have home court advantage? New Orleans or San Antonio? I would have to go with New Orleans, because the health of Chandler and Posey is questionable. Not to mention if they are healthy, if we get Chandler in early foul trouble versus Oden, they have a very thin frontcourt.

Gambler's Corner

Blazers -1.5
Over/Under 193.5

Suprised by the line? I'm somewhat suprised, but Portland always plays the Lakers tough at the RG, so I am going with the Blazers and the over. I think we are going to get out and run and get some easy buckets and win by a fairly comfortable margin (8-10).



    If we have home court I would think NO would be a good choice. Spurs are still dangerous, and NO has more injury/depth concerns. Although I would take either of those teams before Houston though.

  2. I would like either matchup really. I think with an injured Ginobli and a not-so-healthy Duncan we can put the hurting on them as well. They are always going to be tough in the playoffs, but I think if we got them in the first round and catch them early we wont be playing a Spurms team with any momentimum. (RIP Bernie Mac)

  3. I agree with Kiel, I think with Ginobli gone we would stand a good chance against the Spurs. Overall though, I think we are going to be tough to beat in a 7 game series if we have home court. Big game tomorrow night versus Denver!!!