Thursday, January 7, 2010

Miller Trade

With today's news of Andre Miller and Nate getting into a shouting match, I just began thinking of possible trade possibilities. What do you think about this?

Blazers get:
Caron Butler
Raymond Felton (expiring contract, so we get him on a test run type basis)
Brenden Haywood (expiring contract, so a stop gap at the C position until next year, and possibly a leg up on resigning him if przy opts out)

Washington Gets:
Andre Miller (A cheap fill in for an absent Gilbert Arenas, and a good player who worse case, they have for one more year)
Travis Outlaw (expiring contract, saves them 3.5 mil next year by getting out from Caron butler's contract)
Martell Webster (a cheap fill in for Caron Butler, still has potential to be a great NBA player)

Charlotte Gets:
Steve Blake (expiring deal close to what Felton makes)
Nicolas Batum (A player they wanted very badly, and was the deal breaker in a Gerald Wallace deal last year)

Why the blazers do it:
Caron butler finally gives the blazers a consistant reliable 3rd (sometimes 2nd) scoring option. Also a very solid parimeter defender. Granted we lose all of our backup 3's, but cunningham can fill spot minutes there this year along with Rudy and roy. We bring over Victor Claver next season from Spain, and start grooming him as a backup 3......or we use our mid-level exemption next year to sign matt barnes to a deal to be our backup 3. It clears that log jam, and allows us to get more role players. We get a free look at Felton at the PG to see if he is the answer, if not, no big deal, we cut bait and find someone else, or worst case resign blake after the season. Why not?


  1. I disagree with any talk trading him. We need to love him and get rid of Blake. Andre is the smartest guy on our team, with exception to J Howard.

  2. Juwanna man is amazing. I almost pee'd myself when he dunked on Kaman, that was AWESOME!

    I also dont like the idea of getting rid of Miller, or Batum. I'd like to see Nate and BRoy stop being babies and embrace Miller and see what can happen. I think it is finally starting to happen a little.

    Oh yeah, and the blazers need to STOP PLAYING STEVE BLAKE IN THE FOURTH QUARTER.

  3. O ya, I forgot about that. It got a full on BONER when I saw that! I think we only need to give Blakey 10-15 minutes tops per game. I still believe he can help out, but he needs to come off the bench. I would like to even see J Bay Bay take some of his minutes as well as long as he doesn't shoot too much. I am excited to see how we do when Batum (bottom) come back.

  4. I dont like this trade either. I wouldn't mind giving up somem of those guys, but why give up all of our back up 3's for caron butler. Dont get me wrong, i love caron, i dont think we should take a risk on claver when we have a proven guy like batum. a guy that has played well for us and fits very well for the team.

    I would back this trade if we could do it without giving up batum. maybe give up draft picks or one of our guys over seas.