Thursday, December 10, 2009

Perfect PG

Yo yo, it’s been a while. A lot has happened since I last posted, but I don’t want to talk about all the mess right now. I need to let you know what’s on my mind grapes! I have one basic question:

Who is the best PG in the league to play next to BRoy? Do not take into account salaries, just who right now, and for the foreseeable future would be the best PG for the Blazers to have suiting up next to BRoy?

To be honest I am not quite sure? The characteristics I feel said PG needs to have is:

  1. Be able to shoot the 3
  2. Not have a problem deferring to BRoy
  3. A good defender

That’s not asking too much is it? For the record, I don’t really agree with BRoy’s refusal to learn to play with a ball dominating PG (Andre Miller), but it is what it is. You married BRoy for the next 5 years, and so now you have to build around him, not vice versa. Anyways, here are a couple of guys I think would fit in well (in no particular order):

  1. Mo Williams (After moving to the Cleveland Lebron’s he’s shot 45% from 3, and he obviously doesn’t have a problem deferring, just not sure about his D)
  2. Mike Bibby (Also a solid 3 pt shooter, good facilitator, but horrible on D and crappy contract, 2 years 16 mil left)
  3. Stephen Curry (High basketball IQ, Good 3 pt shooter, not sure yet about 2nd fiddle, limited on D, but willing to improve, young, good ball handler. But I highly doubt GS would be willing to part ways with him this early in the game unless we WAYY overpaid)
    1. Sidenote; would you trade Ander Miller & Jerryd Bayless for Scurry & Radmonavic? Seriously, we would we get temp relief at the 4 (if you want to be generous enough to call radmon-a-bitch a 4) and possibly the PG of the future in Scurry, and not have to take on anymore salary then we already have (radmonavic expires the same year as we have a team option for Dre). Honestly, I would have to sit down and think really hard about this if I am both sides….can you imagine Dre running the break in GS? Wow.

What do you guys think? Tell me who you think and why!


  1. MONTA ELLIS!!!!!!! Too big a contract I know.. But gotta love his sssssskilZZZZ!

  2. O, and y? Cuz he is the ISH!! OR what about Rajon Rondo? Good all the way around, and ripped up like rambo!!

  3. Derek Rose, and because he eats candy for breakfast and still balls it up with the best of em!

  4. I like Rondo's D, but he is a horrible 3pt and FT shooter. I think if we can see anything from the Blazers so far this year, is we need some more floor spacers out there with Roy and hopefully someday Oden.

    Monta Ellis, seems a little too dis-interested in playing D, but that could also be because he plays for the Warriors. And if you think BRoy revolted against Miller, how do you think he would react to Ellis?

    Ha, I do like D Rose as well, but he is unattainable. Honestly, I don't even know if Chicago would trade him to us for Broy...

  5. I'm a little late gettin to this topic, but i'm gonna post this anyways.
    Steve Nash. Most likely pretty unattainable but in my opinion the best guy to fit into our system. He is also gettin up there in age, but for Nash, all that means is that he wont be able to run the court as much as he does now, and thats okay cuz the blazers dont run anyways.
    Scurry i really like, but there is no part of me that wants to give up on bayless. i think he is the point guard of the future blazers (another reason why i would want to bring in a veteran guy like nash to really teach him). I would be happier trading andre, blake, martell, and/or outlaw before bayless. And why bring in ramon-a-bitch when you got j-howard, aka Veteran Savy!!