Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Salty Blake

I hate Steve Blake.

Not real hate, just sports hate. And I do not feel like I am overacting because I am so close to the team. I don’t have the “backup QB” syndrome. I know Bayless isn’t a PG, he’s a scoring 2 guard.

After the Atlanta game the other night where he missed 3 key shots late, along with a boneheaded turnover, that was too much for me. I understand that he has hit some clutch shots for us at the end of games. But notice that the only time he hits a “clutch” shot, he is wide open? Has he ever made a clutch play or decision? He chokes when he has to make clutch decisions. He plays not to lose, rather then playing to win. Granted that’s why his turnover ratio is good, because he takes no risks. He is scared to mess up.

I felt this last year, when I saw him dribble down and chuck up an airball from 23 feet out in game 5 of the playoffs vs. Houston. He did not need to shoot that, and not only that it was a poor attempt. That in my mind cemented the fact that we will not win a championship with Steve Blake as our PG.

I’m not saying I need Chris Paul. I just need a player who can perform under pressure. Who makes people better, rather then leach off of them. A James Posey, type role player. If he is not going to make people better then I at least need him to play better D. He tries, but just doesn’t have the athleticism needed.

It’s almost as if we were so used to having crappy PG’s that messed up all the time (Telfair, Jack) that the first guy that stopped messing up all the time we jumped on and fell in love with. Now I just think that we got comfortable with Blake. It’s like when you are in a bit of slump so you just start hanging out with a girl who is meh, but it’s better then nothing. Then you get lazy and just stay with her for a long time, next thing you know you’ve been with her for 3 years, and an “in between” girl to tide you over until a better one came along turned into a serious girlfriend. My question is when will the Blazers take the desperation goggles off and see that Blake is nothing more then a solid backup AT BEST?


  1. I hate Stewie aka Steve Blake TOO!! BOOOO!!! Please Andre', stop rolling your old ass ankles!!

  2. O ya, I forgot another nickname.. Bitch Made Blake.

  3. weak.... i dont like blake, i understand that he is safe, but i agree that he is a great back up..... maybe if troutlaw wasnt hurt we could try for a nice trade for a decent pg

  4. NEVER PLAY STEVE BLAKE IN THE FOURTH QUARTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think we need to let bayless grow and do his thing.