Monday, November 16, 2009


With the recent injury to Outlaw, there has been some muttering that the Blazers are better off without him. First off, I want to say anyone who believes that is retarded. People who tend to hate the most on Outlaw tend to be the people to watch 1 in every 5-10 games while flipping back and forth between the game and dancing with the stars. People who stand around and talk to their “expert” friend. The guy who bought season tickets this year but shows up halfway through the 1st quarter and leaves with 6 minutes left in the game to “beat traffic”.

Anyone that knows basketball can appreciate what Outlaw brings to our team. I used to be an Outlaw hater, but then I decided to stop disliking him for what he didn’t do, and appreciate for what he does do. He is a scoring spark off the bench that can create his own shot and a great option late in the game when defenses are draped all over Roy. I think people downplay his significance as a secondary scorer late in the game. That is an amazing luxury to have. Not to mention the fact that having him allows us the versatility to play small ball with Trav at the 4. Granted he doesn’t play that great of defense and doesn’t rebound, but Nate knows that, and adjusts accordingly.

All I am saying is you are never better off without a guy who can drop 14 points in the 4th quarter shooting 7-10 from the field.

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  1. I am with you 100% on the Troutlaw thing! I used to hate, but we miss him a lot right now. I think it could be different if we had Batum though, but you could see the difference in the Hawks game. I disagree with your Rudy trade propaganda though. He doesn't know his role correct; but Nate likes to put him in and pull him out like a penis in a vagina.. It messes with his head and shows little confidence in him. ONE!

  2. I agree about his absence is magnified by Batum being out.

    Well, Rudy will have his chance now to show us what he is really all about with Troutlaw out. And to be honest I truly hope he does prove me wrong just like you Kieelllllllll!