Thursday, November 19, 2009

B Roy

I know I might get some backlash on this one, but I am going for it anyways.

B Roy has been off to a somewhat slow start this year. Even the games where he's scored a lot he still looks a little shaky. His handles are suspect, and he seems to be settling for tough jumpshots quite often rather then get to the rim or create better space. I'm not sure if this is because he is saving himself or what? But my question is, what is he saving himself for? He and the Blazer's haven't earned anything yet! We are still in the "need to prove" stage. The Spurs? They can save themselves. The Celtics? They can save themselves. The Blazers/Roy cannot.

Some of his slow start can maybe be attributed to the fact that he stayed away from basketball activities this summer to get healthy. Ok, I understand wanting to be 100% coming into the season, but let me ask you this. Do you think Kobe Bryant would ever take the whole summer off basketball activity? Kobe Bryant, fresh off a 4 summer commitment to team USA, and a NBA finals win, not only did not take the summer off, but added what's looking to be a very deadly post up game. He trained with Hakeen Olajuwan to learn the "dream shake". You could make the case that if anyone in the NBA deserved a summer away from basketball it was Kobe Bryant, yet he took the summer to became even better then he already was, beucase he knows that's how you win Championships.

So what's B Roy's excuse?

Is he satisfied with how things are? Buying into their own hype? He still refuses to commit full time on D, even though it's the first thing he talks about. My question is, how B Roy gets a free pass? How come Aldridge gets to "save himself" for offense? What will it take for them to truly commit on the defensive end? I don't have the answer to that question, maybe just one more playoff elimination? Maybe 2 more, or 3? All I know is our main guy, who we just maxed out for the next 5 years, looks somewhat content and happy doing what he's doing right now. And that is not what max players do (unless you are Shaq). I know it sounds like I am asking alot, but so was B Roy when he asked for a max contract. It goes both ways.

Do you guys agree? Disagree? Am I crazy?


  1. An interesting view from Jaynes:

    Roy has been acting very strangely this season.

  2. B-roy is just like all the other blazers. You need to show what you got everyday,everygame. If he is who he thinks he is, then just play. I love LaMarcus' and Pryz' attitude. Just shut up and play.

  3. Matt, that was an awsome link. I agree with everything Jaynes said (for once). I was very un-nerved as well by his comment that "him sacrificing hurt the team". Sounds like he's bought into himself a little too much. Maybe that's why he refuses to get to the rim. Maybe he's pouting until he gets his way. That would be a very unfortunate sign for us, being we just signed him to a max deal.

    I guess I question if Roy has the long term vision to see what is going to win us a championship, or if he just sees what he thinks is the answer to our problem right now? Not that I have all the answers, but no one wins a championship (let alone multiple) by themselves. If that was the case they Kobe would have about 10 rings right now....