Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Bobcats Preview

Hey guys, I am a little backed up right now, so I will try to get a full game preview out sometime this afternoon, but if I can't here is the gambler's corner info.

Gambler's Corner:

Blazers -11.5
Over/Under 179

I am going to take the Blazers and the over. In case you didn't hear Gerald Wallace is in the hospital with a partially collapsed lung and broken rib from last night's game against the Lakers. All of the other Bobcats played the Lakers in a double overtime game. I expect them to come out flat tonight, and the Blazers fired up to avenge their loss to the Bobcats in Charlotte.


  1. Where are you re-caps? That's what I like to read...and great rating on Raef...A+, i like that

  2. Sorry, I will try to get back to recaps, it's just that Kyro gets sleepy after the games are over...

  3. What about thoughts on the Salmons trade rumors? I'm skeptical... he has great numbers at the SF position, but all I hear is that he is a poor teammate, pouts, demands to start ect ect...

  4. To be honest I don't know much about Salmons other then his stat sheet. When he starts/plays a lot of minutes he produces, if he doesn't he goes in the tank. I don't think that deal has legs. I think why you keep hearing the Blazers with the rumors is because 1. We have a ton of assets that would work in a trade. And 2. I bet KP is out there burning up the phone lines talking to anyone and everyone about making a deal for anyone and everyone.

    But bottom line is I know team chemistry is a HUGE deal for Pritchard, so he will not pull the trigger on anything without thinking/researching it a whole heck of a lot more then you and me.