Thursday, January 29, 2009

Bobcats Recap

It was just announced that Brandon Roy was named to his 2nd consecutive All-Star game. For the rest of roster check it out here.

Revenge exacted. The Blazers used a dominant run at the end of the first quarter to exact their revenge against the Bobcats, whom they lost to in Charlotte 12 days ago. Granted, they did not have their best player in Gerald Wallace, and they were on a 2nd night of a back to back (where the beat the Lakers in double OT), but hey a wins a win. And trust me, no one feels sorry for you in the NBA. Even though Portland shot horrible from 3 (2-15; 13.3%) and had 19 turnovers, we still beat them by 14. That’s how tired they were. Good news is we dominated them on the boards 45-26 (with 10 more offensive then them). It’s good to see the Blazers winning these games over teams we should be beating. I really like that none of them have really been close or the fact that I never got the feeling that we had a real chance to lose. That is a mark of a good team.

Individual Performances

LaMarcus Aldridge:

LA started off hot from the field. He hit 9 of his first 11 shots and started the Blazers spark early. He ended the game with 25 points and 9 boards on 11-15 from the field. After last game, I thought LA would come out and establish himself early, he definitely didn’t disappoint.

Greg Oden:

So where are all you Oden haters now? Oden played yet another stellar game against some above average competition in Emeka Okafor. Oden finished with 14 points, 14 boards, and 3 blocks. Each game Oden looks more and more active and dominate. He is a killer on the offensive glass, and what’s scary is one could argue he is not even 100% yet. Now we are beginning to see why there was so much hype surrounding him. I can’t wait to see what he does in the 2nd half of the season.

Brandon Roy:

Roy, who always has a hard time vs. Raja Bell, ended with a solid 17 points, 3 assists, and 2 boards. Not your typical Roy game, but what’s awesome about Brandon is, instead of forcing things, he defers to teammates who may have a better matchup that night. He is unselfish and doesn’t force things until he absolutely has to (4th quarter). Fortunately we didn’t need it tonight. Also I will keep you posted, but the All-Star reserves are announced tonight and if Brandon Roy isn’t on the team then I will punch every Western Conference Coach in the face (verbally).

Sergio Rodriguez:

Sergio brought his usual stuff tonight. Nothing he did stood out to me either way, good or bad. Maybe that’s a good thing from your point guard?

Rudy Fernandez:

Besides an awesome reverse ally-oop, Rudy wasn’t much of a factor on offense tonight. He did have quite a few plays on defense though which is good to see. I am glad even though he is wearing down a bit, he still manages to be a factor. I think that says a lot about Rudy and his long term potential.

Nicholas Batum:

Batum played good tonight and did his usual long-armed thing. It is always hard to judge how Batum played by looking at the box score because he does so many of the little things for this team. But another solid game from the 20 year old rookie.

Jerryd Bayless:

Believe it or not Bayless was intense tonight. You could argue that he sparked the run to end the first quarter with his inspired play. It was nice to Bayless hit a few outside jumpers tonight including a 3. He was 4th on the team tonight in scoring with 11.

Travis Outlaw:

I liked Outlaw’s game tonight because even though his shot wasn’t falling he still hustled and contributed. Travis ended with 5 boards and 3-3 from the line. He played with good energy and hustle tonight. Now if we could just get this out of him on the nights he is hitting too, we’d be on to something.

Joel Przybilla:

The Thrilla only played 17 minutes tonight but did a decent job. He only had 2 boards and block, but brought solid D against Okafor.

Channing Frye:

Frye played really hard for 2 minutes, and looked average.

Shavlik Randolph:

How come anytime I see Shavlik play, all I can think about is him in the fetal position on an airplane?

Game Summary: Got out early, and never looked back.


  1. Ha, best comment about Shavlik Randolph. So Roy is only a reserve? I guess I'm confused. So he isn't actually going to play? Also, your links, I feel like they should open in a different window. Also, as sort of a call sign (like Top gun style) I feel like you should always have a picture of Pryz up on this blog, as well as a daily (or newer recent) quote coming out of the Blazer's office/team. Just a thought. Nice the backgorund player in the fernandez photo morrison? That dude is so dirty...buddy of mine went to school with him, and literally said he showered like once or twice a week.

  2. No, reserve only means he's not a starter. He is on the team, just not starting.

    Links wise, there is shortcut button to do it when I write the blogs, and I am WAY to lazy to go in and change the HTML code everytime. Just right click and open in a new tab. Seems like an easier solution for me.

    Maybe one day when I am not lazy I will make a Przy background, so you will see the Vanilla Gorilla no matter when you are looking on the page!

    And yes that is Morrison. If you would kindly take note, my profile picture is actually his player photo from the beginning of the year when he in fact had a ponytail. He used to be my favorite non-Blazer, but not anymore....