Thursday, January 29, 2009

My Favorite, Trade Talk!

So Jason Quick (Oregonion Beat Writer for the Blazers) that he was aware of a trade with an eastern conference team that involved us getting a PG and SF (which he think would take us from playoff contender to championship contender soon) and us giving up Raef, and two, non-starting rotation players. You can check out the chat here.

There has been a lot of speculation on the message boards, and the most popular idea is Hinrich and Deng for Raef, Sergio and Outlaw. From a talent point of view I would do this in a heartbeat. But there has been some speculation about if this trade could work because Deng is a Base Year Compensation player. This is basically something to close a loophole in trades, so a team can’t just sign a free agent to X amount of $ just to turn around and trade him. But even though it is true that it is hard to trade BYC players, we could actually do it. And you know I busted out my spreadsheet to figure this one out. This is what I came up with…

So when you trade a BYC player you can only take back 125% +100,000 of 50% of his current salary. So in Deng's case it would be:

$9,385,000 * 50% = $4,692.500
$4,692.500 + Hinrich's salary of $10 Mil = $14,692,500
($14,692,500 * 125%) + $100,000 = $18,465,625

Which is the maximum $ amount Chicago can take back.

BUT the Blazers have to be able to absorb his entire salary ($9,385,000). That with Hinrich's gives us a total receipt of $19,385,000

Now when you add up all of our contracts:

Raef = $12,722,500
Outlaw = $4,000,000
Sergio = $874,000

You get a total of $17,596,500. So the max Portland could absorb is:

($17,596,500 * 125%) + $100,000 = $22,095,625

So to summarize:

Max Chicago Could Absorb = $18,465,625
Max Portland Could Absorb = $22,095,625

ACTUAL Amount Chicago Would Absorb = $17,596,500
ACTUAL Amount Portland Would Absorb = $19,385,000

So as you can see, the numbers would work....

Let me know what you guys think. Would you do this?


  1. Sounds good to me as long as Hinrich and Deng are healthy.

  2. Still wouldn't do it. I love Outlaw too much. If he is traded I may leave this blog.

  3. I would do it in a heartbeat. Having Rudy, Roy, Bayless, Blake, and Hinrich at our guard spots would be amazing. Not to mention the better the guards are the more affective greg oden should become. Plus that would mix deng in with batum and webster when he's healthy again. I really like outlaw but i do think we should bait him in trade offers.

  4. I don't like the trade because I like Outlaw...but I guess in reality I don't know enough about Deng and Hinrich to really comment a ton...that's just my initial feeling