Friday, January 9, 2009

Darius Miles Update Part 4

I am sure many of you have heard by now that yesterday the Blazers president Larry Miller issued a memo to the other presidents in the league stating that if anyone signed Darius Miles just to screw up our cap, we would prosecute them to the fullest extent. So what does this mean? How is to be interpreted by Blazer fans? By the rest of the league? Well I am going to give this humble, yet strikingly profound, man’s opinion on the situation.

If you reflect on every move and action the Blazers have made since naming Kevin Pritchard as general manager, nothing is rash or un-calculated. All the moves that have been made are pieces that belong to the final puzzle of assembling a championship team. So it is hard for me to believe that this letter, which seems very brash, is one step in a bigger plan. What is the bigger plan you ask? Well, what I see it as potentially being, is a move that is going to have future ramifications. So even though it might not discourage any team from signing Darius (and if it does, bonus), it is documented proof that a team could possibly sign Miles just to mess with the Blazers cap. So say 2 months from now Miles does get signed to a 10 day contract by a division, or salary cap rival, and plays his 2 games and is cut. Now the Blazers have at least somewhat of an argument against that team, and hopefully revoke Miles salary coming back onto our payroll. Granted this is a longshot, but say it doesn’t work, we aren’t any worse off then if we would have not sent the memo and Darius played 2 games. So isn’t it worth a shot?

I remember last year when KP was asked about Darius and the possibility of him coming back on our books and he briefly mentioned that we would take legal action if need be. So this is not a new concept for the Blazer’s brass. This leads me to believe that they have planned out this scenario and are going to do everything in their power to prevent that salary back on our cap.

There is a meeting scheduled between the NBA and the players union today and according to ESPN, the Darius Miles topic has been added to the slate. So don’t be surprised if a statement is released today from the NBA regarding the situation.

I thought this response from Cavs Owner, Dan Gilbert was interesting...

What do you guys think? Was this a brash move that you wish the Blazer’s would not have made? Do agree with it? Have you been taken aback by the bold move? Do you think it helps or hurts the Blazers? Why? I want to hear what you guys think!

In unrelated news from, check out the new shoes BRoy was rocking at practice today.......Those are pretty sweet!



  1. I dont feel like it was a bad move because originally I was hoping it would scare off potential teams who may try and put Miles contract back on our books. However, the league issuing the statement saying that they would defend any team who decided to pick up D Miles definitely made the move kind of back fire. The blazers did not know the NBA would respond this way so I am fine with the calculated risk of throwing it out their that their would be repercussions to picking up Miles for that reason.

  2. I dont really think it was that great of a move. The chances of them actually being able to pursue "litigation" successfully are slim to none. If anything, this may create an even bigger push for a team to sign Miles. At this point I would be very surprised. I'm not a big fan of this move, hopefully it wont burn any bridges when it comes to making deals in the think that may be the case Kyle?

  3. Yes I do think that it could be a sticking point on a deal. I am sure that many GM's are already wary of dealing with KP and Blazers, due to Pritchard's stellar trade record. KP and his team have shown to be great at evaluating talent, and I think the rest of the league is starting to catch on.

    But if you check out the reply from the Cavs owner Dan Gilbert, I think that he speaks for many people in the league in his statement. But to be honest, as soon as the next big story comes along (Marbury buyout, another trade, etc...) I think this memo will be forgotten and it will go back to business as usual.

  4. Kyle, Good analysis on the whole Miles debacle. It is interesting with this last round of "saber rattling" by Miller, what will happen. I do believe though that the team has to look at the ramifications down the road, and what damage this action may do to furthur deals and trades.

    A great win against the Pistons Thurs nite, would have been interesting with all assets available for the hardwood on both sides (Sheed, Hamilton, and B-Roy). A great fade away jumper by Travis to close it out.

    Thanks for your incitful explaination on the foul for possesion situation that has arisen for the Blazers in the waning moments of a couple games this year. I do believe it has earned it's place in the play book though, a win is a win. When the horn sounds and you pull it off the players bump chests, the coach high fives, the confetti falls from the rafters, they crank the music, you're back on Paul's Christmas card list; and who knows, you may even get to meet up with the Blazer Dancers for drinks after the game.

    It's good to see your collegue (Goosen) is branching out to hone his knowledge of the game by embracing OSAA Girls Basketball!! He picked up a few tips at the OC Vs Clack game that should be a valuable component to blog.

    Actually, he was trying to hide from the ESPN camera guy,(who I think is the same one that tracks down Jack and Reese at the Lakers games). Anyway, we look forward to seeing him center court for the next one, with clip board in hand.