Saturday, January 10, 2009

Warriors Preview

So it is official, the Memphis Grizzles have signed Darius Miles to his first 10 day contract. So despite warnings from the Blazers, they signed him about 6 hours after he cleared waivers. I think it is just time to accept the fact that he is going to be back on our cap. But enough of that crap, lets get to what matters more.

Game Preview

Tonight’s game against the Warriors is what I like to call a trap game. It is easy to discount and dismiss this as an easy win, but as I am sure you all know the Blazers tend to struggle with running teams. We lost to Golden State earlier in the season at their place despite their horrible record.

Brandon Roy is still a question mark for tonight’s game along with Rudy who suffered from a sore left foot on Friday. If I was going to guess, I would say that Rudy will play but Roy will not. Hamstrings are not something that go away quickly, and tend to be the nagging type of injury as anyone with a fantasy football team knows. But Stephen Jackson is out for the Warriors, so that helps. Despite the injuries and stuff, here are my keys to the game.

1. We Need to Get Easy Baskets.
a. Golden State doesn’t play any D, so we need to
take advantage and not settle for jumpshots. Lets get to
the hoop, get out and run a little bit and get some lay ins.

2. We Can’t Be Satisfied Trading Baskets
a. We have to play D and still have to take care of the ball tonight. We still have to value
each possession, and just cause there are going to be more in this game, doesn’t mean we
can relax and just fire up bad shots.

3. Get to the Free Throw Line
a. This will help control the pace for us. It also falls into the category of easy baskets. This
will also force Golden State to dig into their bench, which Don Nelson is not comfortable with.

Gambler’s Corner

The line is the Blazers by 13 and O/U of 209. I am going to go with the Warriors and the Over. I think we will somewhat get caught up in the pace and exceed 209 and I think the Blazers will pull off a win, but it will be closer then it should be.

Goose is taking…..