Monday, January 5, 2009

Laker Game Recap

Game Review

Well, we hung in there for a half. Then the same problem arose, we simply could not score for a long period of time. In the 3rd quarter, the Blazers had only 7 points in the first 9 minutes of the quarter. No one could hit a shot, and surprisingly enough they were all jumpers. Aldridge had a fantastic game offensively, but our guards couldn’t/wouldn’t get him the ball. He finished 11-19 for 22 points and 11 rebounds. Greg Oden also had some mild success in the post, but he did not get the ball either. During one series, the Blazers missed 4 three pointers, and one jumpshot, while getting fouled once and 4 offensive rebounds, to finally hit a 3. All of the shots were wide open too. It was a rough sight from some usually reliable shooters such as Blake and Rudy, who went a combined 10-29 (5-16 from deep). During the period, LA went on a 17-3 run, and never looked back.

A Few Random Thoughts on the Game:

1. I personally think Oden out performed Bynum, even though you can’t tell from the stat book. Oden changes so many shots and clears so much room for everyone else to come get rebounds. He also had multiple times where he tipped the rebound to keep it alive.

2. It would be nice to have someone besides Brandon Roy who can consistently create their own shot.

3. Kobe Bryant is good at basketball.

4. The Blazers hardly ever get easy baskets. They don’t run, no one besides Roy really gets to the hole, Oden isn’t consistant enough to get quality shots on the block, Aldridge takes difficult shots as with Outlaw. Blake never goes to the hoop. The list goes on and on….

Game Summary in One Sentence: The Blazers hit another one of their “dry spells” and could never battle back.

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  1. I am personally not a Steve Blake fan. Does not push the tempo EVER, even when we have numbers. CAN'T rub off a pick, goes wide everytime. RARELY penetrates. OK outside defender, but loses his man once he cuts to basket, just like his hero, B Roy. Blake is not very aggressive at all defensively which bugs the hell out of me.
    With the recent playing of Bayless, I like his game better than what I have seen from Blake. How about a trade for a power forward like David Lee!!