Tuesday, January 6, 2009

David Lee Trade Talks

So if you haven’t already heard a trade rumor involving the Blazers yesterday was tearing up the web. I was going to make a post on it, but I had already made two for the day and had some stuff to take care of. So now I bring it to you.

The deal involved bringing David Lee to Portland from the New York Knicks. I heard various different scenarios, but one that seemed to make the most sense was this (Click link and it will take you to the ESPN trade machine that I did. Also, not shown in a 1st round pick from the Blazers to the Clippers. I think this would be the most logical and fair deal involving the key names mentioned. I would do that in a heart beat as a Blazer fan, would you?

Apparently there were reports that the Blazers front office is “enamored” with Lee, and think he would fit perfect into what we are doing here. I agree, I think he would be a great fit, but there are two drawbacks that I can see. 1. Lee is a restricted free agent this summer, which means if we traded for him, we could match any offer he receives and retain him. Sounds good right? But what if someone throws a max deal at him? Is he worth that much? Then we not only lose Frye and Sergio for nothing, but also a 1st round pick. 2. Lee has stated publicly more then once that he wants to be a starter. And I can guarantee that he will not start in front Aldridge.

Here is an interesting exerpt from Chad Ford’s chat today on ESPN.

Nick (NYC): Chad, what have you heard on this David Lee to Portland stuff?? Wouldn't Lee for Jerryd Bayless and a first rounder be a great deal for both teams??

Chad Ford: Portland has interest in Lee. But honestly, Portland has interest in all of the good young players in the league. Kevin Pritchard is very proactive and likes to collect assets. The Knicks would probably be interested in that deal ... Bayless and a first rounder. The problem is, Portland's not offering that. I think they're not willing to give up that much for Lee. I think Lee will be gone by the trade deadline, but I'm not sure it will be Portland.

Sounds like classic Pritchard to me, which is what I love about him. He never puts all his eggs in one basket, and is constantly turning over every rock (and sometimes the same rock over and over again) to better this team. Could it be smoke screen? Remember that every deal the Blazers have ever pulled off, there have been no rumors prior the transaction. Every single time the first time you hear about the deal, it is imminent. Pritchard plays his cards very close to the chest, so I would highly doubt that a deal for Lee is in the near future. Not to say it will never happen, just not right now.

But this stirs the pot a little for me and begins trade talk and speculation (one of my favorite things to do/talk about). So what do you think about David Lee to Portland? Good fit? If not him, then who would like to see? Who would you like to give up? Post some ideas, and we can discuss why or why not those players coming to Portland is a reality or just a dream.

As always, thanks for reading my blog, and I look forward to hearing your thoughts!


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